September 2021

How we increased theCUBE's event reach by 17x and increased signups by 20%

See how we helped theCUBE increase their total engagement and signups at their AWS Startup Showcase event for tech-startups in the Silicon Valley. The event that took place late September, talked about Cloud Management, Data Analytics, and DevOps.


Facebook Ad Campaigns, Email Marketing, Social Media Management


Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

Result One

Reach Increase

Result Two

Increase in Conversion Rate

Project Overview

theCUBE is a Silicon Valley-based company and we were tasked with marketing their event, co-hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services), that focused on DevOps, Cloud Management, and Data Analytics. We met with their marketing team and after conversations about their audience and expectations we got to work and delivered more than expected. Overall we smashed goals with a 10% increase in conversion rate, 17x reach from previous events, and a 20% increase in expected signups.

We took advantage of our extensive knowledge and background in Outbound and Inbound marketing to achieve our results by doing the following:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Social Media Content Campaigns


We began by creating a detailed audit on the company and past events to identify where we could improve their current marketing strategy. After sharing our results to their marketing representatives, we found the most efficient ways to market the event were through SMS/LinkedIn messages, Facebook Ads, and email campaigns with DevOps-based lists.

After our research phase, we started our delivery phase. The first step was creating content for emails, messages, and social media posts. Our team of graphic designers diligently and efficiently created the according content to advertise with. From this point on it was just a matter of creating email templates, managing Facebook Ad campaigns, and following up with important LinkedIn connections that theCUBE especially wanted to attend.

Overall the event was a total success. Goals were met and everyone had a blast hearing the speakers presentations. We look forward to continue to work with theCUBE on all future projects.


With our extensive marketing research and execution we were able to give the following results:

  • Created a targeted Facebook campaign that reached over 100,000 people
  • Created high-quality social media content to promote the event
  • Increased past conversion rates on posts and links by 10%
  • Increased total reach by 17x from previous events
  • Increased total registrations by 20% of what was expected

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